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Amer Sports Oyj is a Chinese-owned Finnish sporting goods company with brands including Salomon, Arc'teryx, Peak Performance, Atomic, Suunto, Wilson, Precor, Armada, ENVE Composites, Louisville Slugger, DeMarini, and Sports Tracker. The company is a subsidiary of the Chinese sports company Anta Sports.

Amer Sports has disordered management as an employer and underpaid salary to employees, according to a former manager at

"I wouldn't recommend Amer Sports Australia to any other professional people looking for good career development within this industry. The offer I signed looked good which aligned with my career expectation, but after working there in real life, I realized the substantial was totally downgrading my career path. The structure works in chaos with changeable ideas from leaders. The salary and the platform they offer and the value you made to this company are far not in proportion. underpaying salary, unprofessional leaders, disordered management, no caring on employees' satisfaction."


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Current Employee - Sales Operations Manager says

"Terrible work culture Poor pay Treat staff as a number"

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Poorly run matrix organization and no clear path for progression. Remuneration is very poor compared to other companies operating in the same sector. Very high turn over of staff and poorly managed. If staff leave in the department you work in - then don’t be surprised if they aren’t replaced! Cost cutting is rife within Amersports and it is like a drug to them! Middle Management are too focused on themselves and the short term business needs. It is laden with too many managers who are full of self importance and nobody actually knows what they do on a day to day basis."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People have no clear visibility of the strategy. Matrix organisation with a lack of minimum process to profit from scaled synergies between the department and the skilled persons. Very high potential people don’t stay long time for creating long success story. Senior Management doesn’t have a sustainable vision and strategy.... only a very short term vision."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poorly run, no progression. HR blend roles and refuse to pay any more. Sales focused organisation who font care about there staff. Each brand is its own business."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Leads play favorites and other employers are very partial to people of their race."

Former Employee - Marketing Director says

"Unbelievably bad culture, a complete circus and this is openly acknowledged. A complete absence of any form of leadership or vision."

Former Employee - Sales says

"Downsides were that the leadership totally lacked and support from the board to the upper management as well as performance at retailers were not positive. Classic example of a huge corporate parent company trying to centralize control and create dependency rather than enabling brand strength without providing any tools to succeed."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"department cliques make it hard for advancement."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"-really stressful routines during budgeting and seasonal planning. - a lot of times presentations are done for the sake of presentation, not because it's really necessary or useful. Very often if you postpone some task until the last moment, the view changes to something COMPLETELY different - therefore it kills all the determination to do work in time and with creativity. - as it is a classic example of a transnational corporation, most people don't really care about anything, just like in all other corporations. And there are a lot of people like this. Especially when it became a trend to hire people from FMCG."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No progression , some dictatorships especially in Customer Services big turnover of staff"

Forklift Operator Certified (Former Employee) says

"Company treats employees terribly . Can't have a family life and work there bathrooms are a biohazard and almost never cleaned or stocked . F"

vendedor (Former Employee) says

"Te dicen que ganarás $8000 y resulta que el sueldo neto es de $6000 los pagos no son puntuales, nunca te dan comisiones, si roban algo en la tienda te lo cobran a los vendedores y no a los gerentes."

Transportation (Former Employee) says

"if you are in with the supervisor and managers you were ok until you did not do what they wanted and you were pushed until you would leave the company...Very stressful environment.30 min lunchNot enough work a week then overtime the next."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Great brands but hard to move up in the company. Huge disconnect between upper management and their employees. Focus on survival rather than progress.Great Brands.Poor communication."

Subgerente (Former Employee) says

"Paga arriba de la media. Prestaciones buenas. En contra solo crece la gente que es lisongera y que le cae bien al administrador, o los que son sus amigos. Exige mucho y se quejan de la operación sin entender que no tienen un bn manejo de retail ya que su gerente regional no tiene ningún conocimiento. Las comisiones al ser adelantadas te dan en promedio lo que se supone te toca. A menudo te mandan a "activaciones" usando tu tiempo en fin de semana y no te pagan ni pasajes ni tu tiempoPrestaciones y salariosTrabajas mas de lo que en realidad percibes. No pagan horas extras"

Lagermitarbeiterin (Former Employee) says

"Ich habe mit sehr wenig Erfahrung im Lager bei Amer Sports angefangen und habe somit hier viel lernen können. Aber ich musste feststellen eine gute Work-Life-Ballance gibt es hier kaum. Lange Arbeitzeiten (8h Arbeit 1h Pause) und dann wird sehr oft Samstags gearbeitet. Freizeit hat man somit kaum. Zudem kommen Informationen nur teilweise zu einem. Dennoch muss ich sagen, dass die Kollegen alle sehr nett und hilfsbereit sind. Was einer der Gründe war, warum ich so lange bei Amer Sports blieb."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"This company can be a choice if you're an outdoor geek, or for some other short-term reasons like just getting a job to live with. It's really painful there for personal development. The management was a bit in disorder with some unprofessional leaders in high position and still keen to play politics. Leaders don't care about employee's satisfaction at all. I wouldn't recommend Amer Sports Australia to any other professional people looking for a good career development within this industry. The offer I signed looked good which aligned with my career expectation, but after working there in real life, I realized the substantial was totally down grading my career path. The structure works in chaos with changeable ideas from leaders. The salary and the platform they offer and the value you made to this company are far not in proportion. Anyway, I would still end with something positive. If you're an outdoor or sports geek to any of the sports, this can be a place you can choose to play your passion in as they've got a lot of approach to those, otherwise don't put your expectation at this company (Australia team).Approach to different sportsunderpaying salary, unprofessional leaders, disordered management, no caring on employees' satisfaction"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"This is more of a review about Enve Composites than Amer Sports The company has been behind for awhile now. They take basically anyone and just hope they stay. Most areas work 10+ hour days and lots of Saturdays. Pay ranges between $9.50-$16. Chances are unless you are here for 3+ year you'll never see more than $12. Raises are rare and promotions are even rarer. There has been a freeze since they moved to the new building on October 2016. They changed owners in early 2016 and little things have been changing since. Example: No more holiday bonuses. They do special events every so often and most employees are able to participate if their work load permits them to. They did Thanksgiving potluck, holiday breakfast and a taco truck on their 10 year anniversary. Most of the time if your area is doing some kind of group event chances are you'll only find out from word of mouth not by supervisors, this can include Saturday overtime. Overall if you are looking for something longer than a few weeks but less than a year I would say it's a good place to work for to get some experience in the composite industry. (Best thing about the company is their awesome coffee/coco maker)Free coffee, listen to your musicDull work, long hours, not great pay for the work"

Cure Room Slave (Current Employee) says

"The job is not bad at all. Easy enough all around. The part that bugs me about this place is, You WONT advance easily, Hard work and dedication goes unnoticed, you're talked to like a child and the pay hardly covers any of my bills. I love the people I work with. I hate the company I work for. We sell rims for 1k-5k each, just opened a new building and they refuse to pay the hardest working area more than 10 to start? A guy has been in the same area for two years, only making 11? AMER/ENVE, one thing you should look into, is paying your employees right, so they'll actually stay. Taco trucks and BBQs only get you so far.Good people, easy workManagement talks to you like you're stupid, pay sucks, No one listens to your ideas"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you are happy to work under pressure for a less than average salary this is the place for you. The blame culture is predominant in the UK office, and a well known agressive senior manager has not been dealt with by hr making everyone's life miserable and leading to several staff departures.50% discount on Amer Sports products trade pricesPressure, poor management, agressive environment"

Sales Manager/Key Holder (Former Employee) says

"Spent a lot of time on the sales floor working directly with customers. Opportunities to shape the sales team were minimal and compensation was not on par with what I would have expected for a sales manager position."

Senior Marketing Manager (Current Employee) says

"Great brand, and amazing group of people. I personally found the work culture to be somewhat slow-paced because of a lack of defined leadership lines."

Product Developer (Former Employee) says

"Multiinternational firm with design and development offices in several countries."

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